The design team PrecisionLender hired me to take their final website designs (over 25 unique page templates) and code them out as responsive HTML/CSS/JavaScript templates, including several custom interactive elements and diagrams.

I then integrated each of these templates into Craft CMS, making all content and website settings editable, including coding out multiple third-party integrations and custom functionality.

The website features an integration with the API to pull in open positions and job applications, a webinar signup and archive, custom control over notification banners and call-to-action popups, a Wistia API integration to load in many videos in the most performant way possible, two-factor authentication on the admin panel, multiple users/user permission levels, and much more.

Finally, every page of the website has been carefully optimized for fast load times and the best chances of playing nicely with search engines. This included concatenation/compression of all images, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML, as well as enabling server caching and compression, and URL-specific caching within Craft CMS.

My responsibilities:
  • JavaScript
  • Craft CMS
  • API Integration
  • Wistia API Integration
  • Instagram API Integration

Screenshots (click to enlarge)