Custom Web App Development in Boston

Do you want to actually launch your app in a reasonable amount of time?

There's no shortage of developers who promise the world at a low hourly rate, then deliver a buggy, hacked-to-hell WordPress-powered web app sold as "custom software", complete with terrible communication and missed deadlines.

I've seen so many clients and friends go through this. Months of frustrating work all for an incomplete product they can't use, leaving them feeling like they'd be better off starting again from scratch.

It is possible to launch a quality product quickly

My approach is the same for each of the following product packages: Define an exact time frame for the project, decide what can and should be achieved within that time frame, then practice great communication and transparency throughout the process.

Product Packages

The Prototype

  • Designed, built, and launched in 10 days
  • Simple utilitarian design
  • Iteration until we have a working proof of concept
  • The end result is a functional, shareable web application that solves a particular problem
  • Fixed price of $9,000

The Minimum Viable Product

  • Designed, built, and launched in 4 weeks
  • Clean and minimal design with an extra bit of branding and polish
  • Core product features and functionality built out
  • The end result is a live web app that covers the most important use cases and is ready for real users
  • Fixed price of $24,000

The Polished Version 1.0

  • Designed, built, and launched in 9 weeks
  • Full-fledged user experience, branding, and design process
  • Advanced features and functionality built out
  • Complex user flows, relationships, and roles built out
  • The end result is a polished and sophisticated product that's ready for real users and a serious marketing plan
  • Fixed price of $54,000

How Does it Work?


We'll start things off with a phone call to get to know each other and to discuss your project.

The first step is to walk through the application in detail. Who is it for? What problems does it solve for these users? What kind of features and functionality will the app have in order to solve these problems?

This discussion will help us confidently determine which package is right for your project. Maybe you need a prototype before committing to a larger build. Maybe you're ready for a minimum viable product to start on-boarding your first users. Or maybe you're further along and are ready for a larger product launch.


Now it's time to come up with a plan. This stage usually involves a lot of sketching, whiteboarding, and a few video calls or in-person collaboration sessions.

We need to figure out how users will flow through the application, what the interface might roughly look like, as well as what kind of technical integrations or third-party APIs we'll need to rely on.


Once the plan is in place, it's time to visually design each screen of the application. This stage covers branding, colors, fonts, overall look and feel, and the finer user interface details.

If you've selected The Prototype package, design will be very minimal and utilitarian. If you've selected The Minimum Viable Product or The Polished Version 1.0 then there will be higher levels of design focus.


Finally, it's time to build. I use proven and reliable technologies like ReactJS and Python. Every application I build is 100% responsive, so your web app will be easy to use in mobile browsers and won't be penalized by Google for not being mobile-friendly.

There are weekly check-in meetings throughout the entire project (daily check-ins for The Prototype package), so you always know exactly what's going on.

We'll also share a Slack channel for faster back and forth communication – this keeps the project from being delayed when there are questions or problems to work through together.


The app is complete, we've all tested it thoroughly, it's time to launch. I'll deploy the application to a web server and ensure the server, app, and database are properly secured. Finally, I'll connect your domain name to the web server – your app is now live and available to the public!


Each project package comes with a 3-month bug-free guarantee. If there are any technical issues, bugs in the code, or odd and unexpected behavior, I'll fix it at no additional cost for up to 3 months after the project completion date.

Additional Information

Time Frame

Each package has a fixed time frame. We'll work together at the start of the project to hash out the details of the application to make sure everything can be achieved within the given time frame.

If the desired features and functionality would significantly extend the chosen package's time frame, we've probably chosen the wrong package.

Technical Details

The front end of the application will be built with ReactJS. The back-end infrastructure will be built with Python, the Flask framework, and a MongoDB database. Each of these tools are in high demand and have been trending upward in popularity and usage for some time now.

Who's Behind the Build?

Hi! My name is Luke. I'm a Boston native who has been building websites and web applications professionally for over 12 years.

I spent the first few years of my career at an interactive agency before moving into the startup space where I worked for 3 different tech startups building web products, software, and platforms.

In 2013 I left a Google Venture's backed startup to freelance full-time. This leap of faith led me to co-found a web design studio, which my partner and I built to a team of 5 people and ran for 4 years.

Today, I'm a freelancer and independent product creator. I enjoy collaborating with founders and small teams to build the initial versions of their software products, with a strong focus on simplicity and user-friendliness.

Trusted by:Google Harvard University Aetna MIT PrecisionLender

Client Testimonials

Sue Levy

I've worked with Luke for five years. He built our web application and has helped us maintain and build upon it. I can't say enough good things about him. He is a talented developer who can turn your idea into an end product that works for the consumer and hits your business goals.

Sue Levy
Founder @ Savory Living

Mike Phelps

Luke built and configured a complex, multi-environment CMS solution flawlessly and on a crunched time frame. Everything he does is with careful consideration and a high level of integrity.

Mike Phelps
UI/UX Designer @ PrecisionLender

Daniel Beadle

My biggest concern when working with developers is that the integrity of my design work will break down. But unlike most developers, Luke has an eye for design and usability. Working with him is like working with a partner rather than an order taker. He’s also very transparent with his process, so it’s easy to trust him to do a good job and deliver on time.

Daniel Beadle
Design Consultant @ DB Design

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Let's schedule a phone call to discuss your project. I promise no hard-sell techniques. I'm as interested as you in making sure we're a good fit for each other.

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