Build a Full Stack Web App with React, Flask, and PostgreSQL

A Premium Video Course by Luke Peters

Learn how to build full stack web applications using the most popular modern programming languages: JavaScript and Python

In this video course I'll guide you through the process of creating a single-page React app that communicates with a backend API powered by Flask and Postgres.

We'll start with a blank code editor and by the end of this course you'll have the knowledge and confidence to build production quality web applications by yourself!

What you'll learn


User Account Creation

Users will be able to create an account and we'll encrypt their passwords in the database.


Token-Based Authentication

You'll learn the modern approach to authentication using access tokens and refresh tokens.


Managing User-Owned Content

Once a user is logged in they'll be able to create, edit, and delete content within their private dashboard.


Sending Emails with SendGrid

We'll send app-related emails using the SendGrid API for maximum reliability.


Paid Subscriptions with Stripe

We'll use the Stripe API to let users upgrade to a paid account so they can access more features.


Cross-Origin Resource Sharing

You'll learn how to let your React app talk to your Flask app, since they'll be running on different domains.

Who is this course for?

Basic Frontend Skills

You should have some experience creating websites with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Virtual Environments

You should have Python 3 installed and know how to use virtual environment managers like Pipenv or Virtualenv.

PostgreSQL Installed

You should have PostgreSQL and pgAdmin installed on your computer. No prior experience with Postgres is required.

How much does it cost?

This course isn't ready yet and pricing hasn't been finalized, but you can expect a price between $100-$250.

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