Visitors Need to Enjoy Using Your Website

Why does enjoyability matter?

When people enjoy using your website, they stay longer and come back more often.

As they spend more time with you, they become more likely to buy what you're selling. Or to sign up for your newsletter. Or to do whatever it is you're directing them to do.

Enjoyable digital experiences are fast, accessible, and well-designed.


Fast websites load quickly and feel snappy and responsive while scrolling and navigating.


Accessible websites render in a usable and helpful format on a variety of devices and connection speeds.

These websites work on a $3,000 MacBook Pro, on a screen reader for the visually impaired, and on a five-year-old Android phone. And they load quickly on high-speed fiber internet as well as slow 3G cellular networks.

Good design

Well-designed websites are intuitive to use and navigate. They're organized such that you can find what you're looking for and do what you came to do. As a bonus, they also look nice and give you a certain feeling.

Prioritize these three things – speed, accessibility, and good design. Focus on enjoyability. Let go of the bells and whistles.

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